Prosthetic Solutions...

With only quality in mind we can build any solution necessary for the patient.

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Orthotic Solutions...

Knees, ankles, feet, any ligament of need of orthotic solutions for support.

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Pressure Stockings...

We sell RAL approved medical grade pressure stocking with fitting guidance.

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Orthopedic Shoes...

We are your one-stop shop for custom orthopedic shoes of highest medical grade

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Orthitic Insoles for Support

With the extra arch support experience pain relief for back, knee & ankle pain. Custom Fit for You!

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Coming Soon! PedCad

Helps reduce foot & leg pains
by providing support for fallen arches & over-pronation.

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Here at JP Visser OTCA we strive for the highest quality. Patients are our number 1 priority and that is why our crafstmen here will not stop until we achieve perfection.Jean Pierre Visser (Founder)